Plataine AI Manufacturing Optimization Software to generate 5% material savings for Kineco-Kaman

Application of Plataine FabricOptimizer and Total Process Optimization modular suite to enhance automation of kitting and sorting processes, resource savings, quality control.
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Kineco Kaman Composites manufacturing facility

Kineco-Kaman Composites’ manufacturing facility. Photo Credit: Plataine

It was reported on Feb. 3 that Kineco Kaman Composites (Goa, India), a multinational joint venture between Kaman Aerospace Group (Bloomfield, Conn., U.S.) and Kineco Ltd. (India) which manufactures composite parts for aerospace and defense applications, has selected Plataine’s (Waltham, Mass., U.S.) material optimization software solution, FabricOptimizer, in order to achieve significant reductions in material waste. Plataine’s AI-based digital manufacturing software solution, the TPO (Total Process Optimization) modular suite, has additionally been short-listed to deliver process digitalization and automation, and improve the visibility of Kineco Kaman’s production processes, from raw material to finished product. 

Plataine’s solution will integrate with Kineco Kaman’s current systems to enable automatic and dynamic generation of optimized cut plans, as well as improve the company’s kitting and sorting process. Providing an improved picking process will lead to improved usage of material inventory, including selection remnants for production. Plataine says this will ultimately lead to improve on-time delivery and generate 5% material savings.

The new system will also maintain a complete digital thread, eliminating the need for manual paper records, while allowing full traceability from raw material to end product. The result will be improved quality and quality control, assuring Kineco Kaman is always audit-ready. Based on Kineco Kaman’s preference, the implementation of the cloud-based solution can be handled entirely remotely, ensuring quick and smooth deployment and compliance with any COVID-19-related restrictions.

“In addition to a highly impressive reduction in material waste, Plataine’s technology will bring us to a high level of process automation, such as the generation of optimized plans and the elimination of manual, paper-based record keeping during production processes,” says Gourish Dabolkar, manufacturing project leader at Kineco Kaman. “This type of process automation will be a significant benefit for us, leading to higher efficiencies, and meet our business goals.”