Hexagon Purus to produce high-performance composite pressure vessels

The subsidary of Hexagon Composites has been awarded a contract to design, develop, qualify and produce for a new major aerospace company.


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Hexagon Purus composite pressure vessels

Source | Hexagon Purus

Hexagon Purus GmbH (Kassel, Germany), a subsidiary of Hexagon Composites (Alesund, Norway), reported on July 29 that it has been awarded a contract for the design, development, qualification and production of high-performance Type 4 composite pressure vessels to a new major aerospace customer for its launch vehicle. The total sales value of the current order is approximately $5.2 million (approximately 48 million NOK). Future orders are expected to follow the successful delivery of the first shipment.

According to Hexagon Purus, this is the second project it has collaborated on in the aerospace industry in the past two years. The company believes that this next project will continue to leverage its technologies to support pioneering developments in space travel.

“We are excited to be working on this project and to be partners in the future of spaceflight,” says Jim Harris, managing director of Hexagon Purus.

The pressure vessels are due to be delivered in the first quarter 2021.