FET Ltd. launches laboratory-scale wet spinning system

Fibre Extrusion Technology Ltd.’s wet spinning production line is designed for early-stage formulation and process development of various fiber types.


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wet spinning fiber system

Source | FET Ltd.


Fibre Extrusion Technology Ltd. (FET, Leeds, U.K.) recently launched a laboratory-scale version of its FET-200 series production line for wet spinning technology. Introduced at ITMA Barcelona 2019, the FET-200 LAB is designed for early-stage fiber formulation and process development.

The FET-200 LAB is designed for use with a variety of fiber types, including systems based on corrosive aqueous salt solutions, such as alginate fibers, acidic systems like engineered silk, or systems using flammable, toxic solvents such as UHMWPE. FET says its technology is configurable to meet the specific processing route for each type of fiber, from production and metering of the dope solution, to coagulation of the filements, to drying and drawing of the yarn to develop tensile properties. The equipment is scaled to the output required and the specific type of fiber to be produced.