Clean Sky 2 SHERLOC project advances SHM for composites

New video shows goals, framework, sensors and tests for more affordable, smart composite fuselage
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SHERLOC project in Clean Sky 2 for structural health monitoring SHM
Photo Credit: Clean Sky 2

Structural HEalth monitoring, manufacturing and Repair for Life management Of Composite fuselage (SHERLOC) is part of the Clean Sky 2 Airframe innovative technology demonstrator (ITD), the High Versatility Cost Efficient (HVCE) technology stream, and the work package B-4.3 More affordable composite fuselage.

SHERLOC is said to present the most comprehensive assessment of existing structural health monitoring (SHM) technologies and methodologies to date for a composite airframe in the operational and environmental conditions of a regional fleet.

A specifically developed building block approach utilizing certification guidelines has been developed to assess the SHM system as a whole covering integrity, durability and longevity of every piece of equipment and installation as well as diagnostic and prognostic methodologies.

Innovations include lightweight diagnostic film with sensors/actuators using inkjet printing and multi-functional sensors for monitoring composite curing processes as well as bonding degradation. These have substantially reduced the additional weight burden of SHM, and also enhance the industrialization process. The SHM platform is furnished with procedures for uncertainty quantification (UQ) as well as cost model analysis.

Learn more at http://sherloc-project.com/