CFP Composites announces global distributor network for carbon fiber tooling

The wide range of global distributor partnerships will provide short lead time deliveries, local knowledge and outstanding customer service. 


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CFP Composites' 360 carbon fiber tooling

Photo Credit: CFP Composites

CFP Composites Ltd. (Solihull, U.K.) recently announced that it has signed a series of strategic distribution partnerships to enable short lead time deliveries, local knowledge and outstanding customer service for its cost-effective 360 carbon fiber tooling product. The global partners include:

According to CFP, the distributors are long term, trusted suppliers of tooling materials for the aerospace, defense, automotive, space and industrial sectors in each distributor’s respective territories.

CFP’s 360 carbon fiber tooling product has several important features, including a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of 2.85, high durability, light weight and its easy machinability (with no carbon dust). Users can either block the individual sheets up into a ‘billet’ or use the ‘black lego’ concept to minimize cost and weight. Users are said to have found 360 to be cost-competitive to steel and aluminum tools, and lower in cost when compared with conventional carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) prepreg or Invar tooling. The video below depicts 360 being machined.

“360 is a highly disruptive product in the global tooling space, which is hamstrung by excessive lead times and material processing/handling. The market has been crying out for an easier, faster and lighter solution for many years, and 360 fulfills that need,” says CFP’s Managing Director, Simon Price. 
By leveraging the customer relationships and technical expertise of our global distribution partners, 360 can realize its full potential in the marketplace.”

For more information or contact details for a regional distributor, contact: stephen.philipson@cfpcomposites.com or visit CFP Composites’ website