Machine Vendors

There are many hardware machine vendors that service the automated composite manufacturing industry. Capabilities vary significantly across the spectrum of suppliers from compact robotic systems, suitable primarily for research and design efforts, to large format overhead gantry machines, best suited for production-rate manufacturing. Although each supplier has areas they focus in, many machine manufacturers also build custom solutions depending on unique customer needs. This list and description is not meant to be fully exhaustive, but rather a good starting point.


Accudyne tends to use gantry-style systems rather than robotic systems for delivering the fiber to the part.


Addcomposites aims to enable manufacturers and researchers of all sizes to have access to high quality AFP systems.


We supports in the implementation of machinery for the production of thermoplastic fiber composite components.

Automated Dynamics

Our proprietary Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) process is one of the most advanced methods for fabricating thermoset and thermoplastic composite structures

Broetje Automation

The Composite Stacking System is conceived for automated operation in the production of stable, shift-free composite lay-up.


Coriolis Composites develops, produces and commercializes robotic cells and value-added software for automated composite additive manufacturing.


Electroimpact has developed AFP technology that allows cutting and adding within customer end placement tolerances at rates up to 2000 IPM over ramped, complex surfaces.


Fives Fiber Placement Systems have many options to achieve unmatched production capabilities for the most pounds per hour in the industry.

Fives Lund

Fives Lund offers a SLALOM line of customizable tape laying systems for flat, vertical or contoured surface lay-up.


Ingersoll offers a range of composite manufacturing machines for the manufacturing of complex and ultra-high performance composite parts, such as aircraft wings


AFP/ATL heads can be integrated on different machine structures - gantry, column, or a multi-axis articulating robot, thus providing complete solution for the customer.


The TORRESFIBERLAYUP has been specially designed for extremely high speed and high productivity fully automatic process to fabricate high contour or flat carbon fiber parts.


Tools for Automation

CGTech has specialized in providing the programming and simulation tools the composites manufacturing industry requires.


White papers, videos, and articles covering a variety of topics related to automated composites manufacturing.

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VERICUT simulates the entire CNC production and checks the NC program for collisions and errors before the real machine run