Lanxess presents thermoplastics for automotive applications

The company is showcasing use of its composite materials in A-pillar automotive structures and electric vehicle charging applications at the VDI Congress PIAE virtual event in July.


Bye Aerospace begins next flight test phase for eFlyer 2

The next flight test phase for the eFlyer 2 focuses on selecting the most effective propeller that meets lightweight and efficiency requirements.


NASA prepares for phased testing of its first all-electric X-plane

Flight testing of the X-57 Maxwell will assess its electric cruise motors and composites-intensive, high-aspect ratio wings. 


Velis Electro all-electric aircraft obtains type certificate

Obtained from EASA, the Type Certification furthers Pipistrel’s goal for sustainable and emissions-free aircraft. 

Urban Air Mobility

Wisk resumes eVTOL aircraft flight testing

Following the coronavirus pandemic, flight testing of the all-electric aircraft, Cora, resumes in the U.S. and New Zealand.


Baillie Gifford invests in Lilium's eVTOL program

Baillie Gifford’s $35 million investment increases to $375 million the total raised to date for Munich-based Lilium.

Urban Air Mobility

Kitty Hawk ends eVTOL Flyer aircraft program

Designed with composite materials, the eVTOL aircraft was a major milestone for urban air mobility. 

Carbon Fibers

New funding accelerates Boston Materials' composite development

The funding enables Boston Materials’ efforts to expand its Supercomp reinforcement product’s presence in the market.

Carbon Fibers

Innovative pressurized hydrogen storage for integrated vehicle structures using composites

Chained tubular storage tanks using semi-finished thermoplastic composite products offer flat designs aimed at easy integration into universal vehicle architectures.


Vertical Aerospace used Plyable to go from CAD to first flight in less than 90 days

Composite tooling specialist’s online portal, distributed manufacturing network and automated tool design helped optimize CFRP molding tools and timeline.


Composites suppliers, fabricators respond to coronavirus

Companies across the composites industry supply chain share how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their businesses, and how they are available to help.

Poly/Vinyl Esters

IDI Composites expands tank farm at North American headquarters

The company expanded capacity for its resin materials tank farm to meet industry needs for its molding compounds and composite materials.

Carbon Fibers

SGL Carbon to manufacture composite battery enclosures for BMW Group

The company will produce glass fiber-based cover plates to be used on battery enclosures for a future BMW plug-in hybrid vehicle model. 


IDI composite designed for EV battery enclosures

IDI Composites International is introducing a new sheet molding compound (SMC) for the electric vehicle market.

Carbon Fibers

SGL Carbon technologies aimed at automotive, aerospace applications

SGL Carbon is demonstrating its production capabilities for the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors.


Tepex thermoplastic composites demonstrate fire resistance for EVs

Bond-Laminates’ continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite has passed flammability tests for car interiors.


Williams Advanced Engineering completes battery pack for electric car racing

The battery packs, which feature composite enclosures, were completed in 7 months for the ETCR Touring Series.


Tepex reinforces child seat headrest demonstrator

Continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastics and a new PCIM-based production process demonstrate potential for lightweight structural safety components.


Greener camping: Sonic X breaks barriers

Prototype travel trailer generates excitement, leads to new commercial models.


IDI International launches material solution for EV battery covers

IDI Composites International is introducing FLAMEVEX, a new family of fiber reinforcements and resins designed specifically for the manufacture of battery enclosure systems.

Natural Fibers

Covestro provides sustainable composite material for Toyota electric concept car

Components of the Toyota LQ will be made from a new kenaf fiber-reinforced polyurethane foam composite material.


OCSiAl achieves graphene nanotube production capacity of 75 metric tonnes per year

The company’s recently completed Graphetron 50 facility in Russia has a production capacity of 50 metric tonnes per year.


FAURECIA to supply hydrogen storage systems for 1,600 Hyundai heavy-duty trucks

Delivery of 10,000 composite tanks proves industrialization strategy of 20% lower weight, 50% lower cost components

Carbon Fibers

Porous carbon fiber: Permeable, adsorptive and conductive

New Toray development holds promise for advanced batteries, gas-separation technologies for fuel cells.