Cultivating the Next Generation of Finishing Industry Leaders

As a generation of experienced coaters and finishers look toward retirement, new leaders are beginning to emerge. Training, education, support and encouragement for new talent is crucial for the future of manufacturing.

What Makes a Top Shop?

Productivity, efficiency and on-time deliveries are all hallmarks of a great finishing shop, but at the heart of it all is a commitment to employees and customers.

Business As Usual? Coronavirus and Manufacturing Industry Recovery

As we recover from the coronavirus epidemic, how many companies will use lessons learned during this time to reevaluate the way they do business?

Living in Interesting Times

How is the COVID-19 outbreak affecting your business? Stepping into the role of editor of Products Finishing in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak has been odd, to say the least. Here’s my story — tell us yours.

A Decade of Awakenings

It was 10 years ago that the finishing industry welcomed my uneducated self.


I have seen the future and it is coming

The last 20 years were good to composites. What does the next 20 years have in store?

Giving the Gift of Legacy

Brad Andreae, the late Dr. George Dubpernell, Jim Jones, the late Daniel Leonhardt, and Clifford Roy are 2020 Finishing Hall of Fame inductees.


To boldly go . . .

Space travel is a challenge, even if filmmakers like to make us think otherwise.

The Conflict of Resolutions

We asked several finishers what their resolutions were for 2020, and did we ever get a variety of wishes and goals.


The R&D we don't see

Shedding light on unrecognized composites manufacturing innovation.

Calling Balls and Strikes

Fairness in reporting is much needed in today’s world.


How much is that composite wing in the window?

With Spirit AeroSystems buying Bombardier’s Belfast operations, the future of composites fabrication for large commercial aerostructures starts to come into focus.

Minding Your Own Business

The Products Finishing Top Shops Executive Summit in October 2020 will give you that opportunity.

Mass Transit

CW Top Shops: Meaningful data for composites fabricators

The amount of data produced by manufacturing facilities is increasing exponentially. CW Top Shops' inaugural benchmarking  survey helps contextualize some of that data.


What will the aerocomposites industry look like after the 787 and A350?

CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan considers the future of the aerospace composites industry as production of the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 appear ready to wind down in the next few years.

Looking ahead to CAMX 2019

Editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan looks ahead to CAMX 2019, the largest composites trade event in the largest composites market.

It’s All for Guys like George

George Giering III has been a loyal Products Finishing reader for 50+ years. Turns out there are a lot of people like him.

The Paper Chase

Answer the ‘Call for Papers’ and become one of the chosen few to speak at industry events, and make your presentation last a lifetime through a written white paper.

National Composites Week is born

National Composites Week will be held Aug. 26-30, celebrating the ways that composite materials and composites manufacturing contribute to today’s manufacturing landscape.


Bigger, better, faster, more

Editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan considers the implications of propitious aircraft OEM announcements for the aerocomposites supply chain.


A flight plan for next-gen manufacturing

If the commercial aviation industry effectively doubles in the next 20 years, as projected by the two largest aerospace manufacturing companies in the world, how can aerospace manufacturers and suppliers possibly keep up?

A hand for the next generation

CW Editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan advocates educating the next generation on all levels of future career opportunities — especially in composites.

Additive Manufacturing

A Flight Plan for Next-Gen Manufacturing

Learn more about the materials and processes that will shape next-generation aircraft in a collection of stories from Modern Machine Shop, Additive Manufacturing and CompositesWorld, available to read or download for free.


Next-generation aerospace: shaping the supply chain landscape

The global commercial aerospace industry is at a unique time.