Disruptive Alternative for Metal Compression Springs Expands Product Development Possibilities

December 05

Design engineers are constantly looking for new technologies to improve product design performance and create points of differentiation for their companies. For products utilizing a traditional metal compression spring, a newly-developed carbon composite compression spring is improving mature product performance attributes. The new technology also offers a fresh approach for emerging innovations that require unique design considerations. In this webinar, we will introduce the audience to configurable, disc spring designs utilizing carbon fiber reinforced polymers. These surpass performance attributes of standard helical, metal springs and act as a catalyst to push boundaries for unexplored or under development applications. 

Primary Topics: 
- Disrupting standard design considerations for springs 
- How properties of composites apply to disc spring design 
- Performance and design considerations 
- Uncovering niche uses 

Presenter: Greg Hazard 
Greg Hazard has more than 17 years’ experience with technical development and sales of performance components. During his tenure at MW Industries, he has been instrumental in helping OEMs find spring solutions that push the product development envelope. Most recently, Greg has been involved in engineering design and commercial development for composite springs. Before joining MW Industries he was involved in the development and optimization of spring/damper assemblies for performance race cars. Greg has a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical design from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. 

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