SAMPE 2012 Baltimore preview

SAMPE’s annual convention, now a roadshow, returns to Baltimore this month, an East Coast epicenter of advanced materials development.
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"Where Business Begins and Relationships Are Created.”

This — the show theme for the SAMPE 2012 Conference and Exhibition in Baltimore, Md., May 21-24, 2012 — describes not only the topical emphasis for the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering’s (Covina, Calif.) annual conference, but also the area of the country in which it will be held. Sixteen of the top 25 U.S. aerospace companies and 70 of the biggest 100 U.S. Department of Defense contractors have their headquarters in, and/or do business in, Maryland. What’s more, the state’s aerospace and defense companies — numbering about 2,600 — attracted, according to SAMPE, $3.5 billion in federal contracts and added $21.2 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product in 2009, when the rest of the economy was falling precipitously into recession. For that reason SAMPE officials anticipate the participation of exhibitors and attendees on a scale unprecedented in the past decade. Attendees, which SAMPE predicts will number more than 7,000, are expected from all 50 U.S. states and 32 other countries. Those who make the trip to Baltimore will have the benefit of contact with as many as 350 exhibitors.

Keynotes and key conference presentations

Dr. Cyrus Wadia, assistant director, clean energy and materials R&D, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, has been invited to give the Tuesday keynote address on the subject of “The National Materials Genome Initiative: A White House-Led Strategy on Advanced Materials Manufacturing.” Dr. Wadia will discuss how the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) will address the current long time frames for incorporating advanced materials into practice by creating a new materials innovation infrastructure; driving the achievement of national goals with advanced materials; and preparing the next-generation materials workforce. He also will describe interagency and White House roles in this multi-stakeholder effort.

Wadia advises the Executive Office of the President on federal policies that accelerate innovation and deployment of advanced material systems for energy, national security and human welfare.

Wednesday’s keynoter, Dr. Larry Ilcewicz, the chief scientific and technical advisor for composite materials, Federal Aviation Admin. (Washington, D.C.), will address “Composite Safety and Certification Initiatives.” He will put particular emphasis on the ongoing FAA composite safety and certification initiatives that support the development of guidance, training and standards for an expanding workforce.

That same day, featured lecturer Andreas Wuellner, managing director of SGL Carbon SE (Moses Lake, Wash.) and SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers GmbH & Co. KG (Munich, Germany), will reveal what drives his company’s carbon fiber composites partnership with automaker BMW in “Lightweight Revolution in the Automotive Industry.” He will present an overview of the partnership’s recent activities and discuss the impact they are having on carbon fiber use in the automotive industry.

Dr. Mark J. Shuart, IPA/senior advisor for composites and structures, NASA Langley Research Center (Hampton, Va.), will present a second featured lecture on the subject of “Composites for Exploration.” Shuart will review NASA’s Composites for Exploration (CoEx) Project, which aims to develop composite structures of unprecedented size for future launch vehicles. He will document current work on subscale panels that represent a midpoint in the development of launch system barrel sections up to 10m/32.8 ft in diameter.

The conference proper — featuring a menu of 250 technical presentations in dozens of categories (see “SAMPE 2012 at a Glance” under "Editor's Picks") — will be preceded on Monday by eight tutorials in which experts in a number of disciplines will outline the “basics” in a range of essential composites industry disciplines. Notable among them is HPC columnist Dr. Donald Adams (Wyoming Test Fixtures Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah), who will conduct a Monday tutorial on “Test Methods for Composites.” He will cover those tests that often are used to generate composite design allowables and input for conducting structural analyses (e.g., mechanical property test methods).

SAMPE Fellows Banquet

As always, the Society will offer public recognition at its traditional banquet (Monday evening, May 21, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel) to two SAMPE members whose “distinguished, lifelong contributions in the fields of materials and processes” have earned them the designation “Fellow.” Joining the 132 previous inductees this year are Dr. Ben Wang, professor and director of the High Performance Materials Institute at Florida State University, and Prof. Luigi (Gino) Torre of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Perugia, Italy. Also at the banquet, SAMPE will confer upon Dr. Leslie Jay Cohen, senior VP of new business development and strategic technology with HITCO Carbon Composites Inc. (Gardena, Calif.), its George Lubin Award for lifetime achievement.

For more information about the SAMPE Fellows Banquet or the SAMPE 2012 Conference and Exhibition, visit www.sampe.org or contact Michelle Tubb at michelle@sampe.org or +1.626.331.0616, ext. 603.


SAMPE 2012 Exhibitor's List

(Data based on informaiton available from SAMPE on April 12. 2012. Booth locations subject to change by SAMPE. Please confirm locaitons with exhibitors.)


3M Aerospace          323

A&P Technology      515

A.B. Carter Inc.         1240

A.P.C.M. Manufacturing LLC          301

Abaris Training        213

Accudyne Engineering & Equipment Co.           831

Accutek Testing Laboratory           1644

ACE - Applied Composites Engineering            1344

Adhesive Packaging Specialties Inc./AP Plastics LLC            1338

Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing         853

Advanced Composites Group - See UMECO    217

Advanced Composites Inc.           820

Advanced Integration Technology            1018

Airtec GmbH & Co. KG       1542

Airtech International Inc.     414

AKSA Carbon Fibers           609

Aldila Composite Materials           1530

Allred & Associates 950

Alpha Technologies            948

Altair Engineering    932

AMAMCO Tool          945

American & Schoen Machinery Co.         1633

American Autoclave Co.     518

American GFM Corp.          1349

Anton Paar USA       832

Apex Machine Tool Co.       943

Applied Aerospace Structures Corp.       1144

Aramicore Composite Co. Ltd.     1235

Arkema Inc.   1008

ASC Process Systems       1631

Assembly Guidance Systems Inc.           739

Automated Dynamics         1431

Autometrix Precision Cutting Systems Inc.        742

B/E Aerospace         1454

Barrday Composite Solutions/Lewcott   514

Bcomtesting Inc.      1051

Bercli NDT Phased-Array Solutions 1652

Bondtech Corp.        305

Brenner Aerostructures      509

Breton SpA    1636

Brisk Heat Corp.      1243

Burnham Composite Structures Inc.       520

C.A. Litzler Co. Inc.  417

C.R. Onsrud Inc.      1125

Carl Zeiss Microscopy LLC           304

Carolina Narrow Fabric Co.          1152

CGTech         815

Chesapeake Testing          854

Chomarat North America LLC      838

Cincinnati Testing Laboratories   1030

Clear Carbon and Components Inc.       1002

Click Bond Inc.         310

CMS North America Inc.     408

Coastal Enterprises Co.    801

Coast-Line International    1534

Cobham        938

Collier Research Corp.      1049

Composite Fabrics of America     904

Composite Technical Services LLC        1034

Composites One     1024

CompositesWorld/High-Performance Composites     1352

CompuDAS 916

Conductive Composites Co.         209

Contour Dynamics Inspection Systems 1102

Coriolis Composites Canada Inc.           918

Cornerstone Research Group Inc.          1031

Correlated Solutions Inc.   743

Creaform       1343

CTS Composites Inc.         1032

Custom Milling & Consulting Inc. 1238

Cutting Edge Composites 1222

Daicel (USA) Inc.     1544

Dantec Dynamics Inc.        900

Dassault Systèmes 1637

DCM Clean-Air Products Inc.        608

Delsen Testing Laboratories Inc.            319

DelStar Technologies Inc. 516

Despatch Industries           1249

Dexmet Corp.           105

DIAB Sales Inc.        1142

Dia-Stron Ltd.           1634

Diversified Machine Systems       205

Dunstone Company Inc.    222

Dynamold Inc.          942

E.V. Roberts 415

Eastman Machine Co.        725

EEONYX Corp.         1334

EHA Composite Machinery GmbH          1439

Elantas PDG Inc.     307

Electroimpact           1437

Element Materials Technology     843

Elite Carbon Fabric 1642

Endurance Technologies Inc./Composite Polymer Design   1044

ESI Group     859

Euro-Composites Corp.    925

Evonik            823

EXAKT Technologies Inc.  1238

Exova OCM   1005

e-Xstream engineering LLC         1339

Fabric Development           315

Fatigue Technology            834

Fiber Dynamics Inc.            302

Fiberforge Corp.      208

Fiber-Line Inc.          1045

Firehole Composites         949

FlackTek Inc.            1435

FLIR Systems          845

Freeman Mfg. & Supply Co.           905

GE Middle River Aircraft Systems 1548

Geis Companies     1737

Geiss LLC    1337

Gelest Inc.     955

General Plastics Manufacturing Co.        724

Genesis Systems Group   749

Gerber Technology 1048

GKN Aerospace       631

Graco Supply & Intergrated Services       1004

Granta Design Limited UK            1355

Gunnar USA Inc.      712

Hampson Aerospace, Aerostructures & Composites 1038

HEATCON Composite Systems  830

Helman Tensioners Inc.    706

Henkel Corp.            425

Hexcel Corp. 405

Hirose Paper Mfg. Co. Ltd.            1537

Hisco 1148

Hollingsworth & Vose Co. 1105

HOS-Technik GmbH           309

Huntsman Advanced Materials    523

IEST Co. Ltd.            122

IKONICS Micro-Machining Solutions       118

Imperium Inc.           1241

IMR Test Labs          1116

Ingersoll Machine Tools Inc.         401

Innegra Technologies        1242

Innovative Composite Engineering (ICE)           630

Integrated Technologies, Inc – INTEC    619

Intertek           1042


J.D. Lincoln - See UMECO            217

Janicki Industries Inc.         1154

JEC Group    1113

JPS Composite Materials  224

KAMAN Composites – Vermont   623

Kaneka Texas Corp.           705

Kenrich Petrochemicals Inc.         1013

Knowlton Technologies LLC        1118

Krayden Inc.  1254

Lancer Systems      200

LAP Laser LLC        718

Laser Projection Technologies Inc. (LPT)          1745

Laser Technology Inc.        127

LEWCO Inc.  842

Lewcott Corp.           514

Lingol Corp.  1645

Lintech International           100

LMG    104

LMT Onsrud LP        125

Lord Corp.     1253

Lucas Industries     1220

Luna Technologies 1552

M.C. Gill Corp.          921

Magnolia Plastics Inc.        806

Magnum Venus Plastech  715

Mahr Metering Systems Corp.      915

Manufacturers Supplies Co.         1149

Marathon Heater Inc.          821

Marietta Nondestructive Testing Inc. 1237

Matec Instrument Companies Inc.           617

Materials Sciences Corp.  1436

Materion Barr Precision Optics & Thin Film Coatings 844

Matrix Composites Inc.       939

Maverick Corp.         1331

McClean Anderson 1006

McGill AirPressure LLC      852

McLube Division of McGee Industries Inc.         930

Miki Sangyo USA Inc.          1022

Miller-Stephenson Chemical        920

MISTRAS Group Inc.           108

Mitsubishi Plastics Composites America Inc.   101

Montalvo Corp.         1348

MTS Systems Corp.            1035

Myers Engineering Inc.       1236

Nabertherm  201

Nanomakers            1153

NASA  1549

National Composite Center          1553

NDT Systems Inc.   902

Newport Adhesives and Composites Inc.          952

NExT (Niles Expanded Technologies)    1112

Nippon Graphite Fiber        501

Northern Composites        807

Norton            1017

NRC - Aerospace (National Research Council Canada)       817

NuSil Technology    421

Olympus        204

ONEXIA Inc.  753

Owens Corning       1538

Oxeon AB      311

PaR Systems Inc.    611

Parabeam BV           1054

Paragon D&E           733

Paramount Industries Inc. 1143

Park Electrochemical Corp.          411

Patz Materials & Technologies     604

PCM Innovation        1442

Pepin Associates Inc.         1545

Performance Polymer Solutions Inc.       1239

Plascore Inc.            906

Polystrand Inc.         755

PPG Aerospace - PRC Desoto     1252

Precision Measurements & Instruments Corp.            404

Precision Quincy Corp.      812

Prospect Mold          941

PTM&W Industries Inc.       1104

Pyromeral Systems            713

Quantum Composites       813

Quartus Engineering Inc.   1043

Quatro Composites            513

Quickstep Composites LLC         1535

Reno Machine Co.  1443

Richmond Aircraft Products - See UMECO        217

Rolled Alloys Inc.     1543

Royal Engineered Composites    944

Rubbercraft   1455

Rudolph Brothers & Co.     1204

SAATI 1244

SABIC Innovative Plastics  1107

Saertex USA LLC     719

Saint-Gobain ADFORS       933

SAMPE           106, 701, 953

Sandvik Process Systems            1539

SCRA Composites 716

Sealant Equipment & Engineering Inc.   934

Seemann Composites Inc.           839

Seifert and Skinner & Associates Inc.     1342

Sensitech Inc.          1134

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments 919

Sigmatex       1007

SINGLE Temperature Controls Inc.         1453

SL Laser Systems  300

Smart Tooling          804

Smooth-On Inc.        1245

Solid Concepts Inc. 704

Soller Composites LLC     1642

Solvay Specialty Polymers 1014

Specialty Materials Inc.       625

Starfire Systems      1654

StateMix Ltd. 124

Steinbichler Vision Systems         1340

Stepan Co.    1345

Stiles Machinery Inc.           1053

Stratasys Inc.            116

Surface Generation America         912

Surface Measurement Systems   1444

Swift Engineering Inc.         1039

SWORL div, of Prairie Technology           1137

System Three Resins Inc. 914

TA Instruments        805

Taricco Corp.            731

TCR Composites    909

Technical Fibre Products (TFP Inc.)        613

Technology Marketing Inc. 1019

TenCate Advanced Composites USA     115

Textile Products Inc.            317

The Companies of North Coast   621

Thermal Devices Inc./Novus Automation           1336

Thermal Equipment Corp. 1438

Thermal Wave Imaging Inc.          111

Thermwood Corp.   735

THINKY USA Inc.     400

Ticona Engineering Polymers      505

Tinius Olsen 722

TMP Inc, a division of French        607

Toho Tenax America           1231

Torr Technologies Inc.       308

Touchstone Research Laboratory Ltd.   1101

Trace Laboratores Inc.       734

Trelleborg Offshore Boston Inc.   605

Tri-Mack Plastics Manufacturing Corp.   1141

Triumph Group Inc. 1449

UBE America Inc.    123

Ultracor          1145

UMECO         217

University of Delaware       855

University of Southern Mississippi          835

US Army Research Laboratory     849

Utah   1025

Vector Composites 1532

Venango Machine Co.        819

Verisurf Software Inc.          752

VerTechs Enterprises Inc. 1052

Victrex USA Inc.        107

VMS Aircraft Co.       901

Wabash MPI 710

Walton Process Technologies Inc.          1139

Warm Industrial Nonwovens        816

Watkins & Associates Inc. 202

Waukesha Foundry Inc.     406

Web Industries        707

Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc.            1206

West Virginia Development Office           1131

Whiting Door Mfg. Inc.         951

WichiTech Industries Inc.  1012

Wickert Maschinenbau GmbH      1000

Wisconsin Oven Corp.       1121

Wolcott-Park Inc.      758

Wolff Industries Inc.            913

Zotefoams Inc.         738

Zyvax Inc.       931