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Published: 6/1/2015

The ends will be justified by the means
CW Editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan recalls the one question he's consistently fielded throughout his quarter century in magazine editing and publishing: “Don’t you worry about running out of things to write about?” Here's his an...

Published: 3/2/2015

Looking for Lindberghs
Every paradigm-shifting invention throughout human history has been met with skepticism. CW editor-in-chief Jeff Sloan says the composites industry has need of those willing to attempt what most believe impossible.

Published: 5/31/2012

Automotive SMC: The wheel comes full circle
James Canner (Sterling Engineering & Mfg., Royal Oak, Mich.) explains why it is, once again, an exciting time to be a part of the automotive composites industry.

Published: 11/30/2010

Fuel cells (finally) set to power composites growth
Fuel cells and related technologies will form a sizable new market as they move past the phase of demonstration projects, overcome longstanding technology hurdles and gain momentum in their progress toward affordability.

Published: 10/20/2008

Shared composite material property databases
For more than a decade, NASA, FAA, industry and academia have been working toward the goal of creating a centralized composite material property database similar to that for metals. Their efforts, while productive, have not come with the war-lik...

Published: 9/13/2008

Prepreg forecast: Strong growth through 2013
 Prepreg applications are on the rise in the composites industry as manufacturers in a variety of industries increasingly adopt this versatile material. Today, prepregs find use in commercial aerospace, military/defense, general aviation, s...