Carbon nanotubes functionalize PP, HDPE structures

Using carbon nanotubes, polypropylene, high-density polyethylene and 3D printing, researchers develop a composite with energy absorption superior to that of aluminum.


SourceBook 2021

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Graphene 101: Forms, properties and applications

Graphene-enhanced composites find new applications across end markets as the supply chain continues to mature. 


CNT-enhanced composite tanks lighten rescue workers' loads

Graphene nanotube-enhanced composite tanks reduce weight in firefighters’ compressed air tanks by up to 75%, and show potential for hydrogen storage.
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Nanocyl SA, ChemSpec NA enter into distribution agreement

The distribution agreement involves the promotion and distribution of Nanocyl’s multiwall carbon nanotube (MWCNT) products.


HX5 thermoplastic nanocomposite presents an alternative to aluminum for space applications

Alpine Advanced Materials’ HX5 demonstrated retention of 96% mechanical performance with exposure to five million rads of gamma radiation.   
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Energy Storage

Developing a linerless, all-composite, spherical cryotank

Infinite Composites Technologies’ Type V pressure vessel for storing cryogenic space launch vehicle propellants shows promise for eliminating elusive microcracking issues.
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Applied Graphene Materials signs distribution agreement with Dichem Polymers SA

Dichem Polymers will distribute AGM’s graphene dispersion products to the Greek coatings and polymers markets.


OCSiAl upgrades REACH registration for single wall carbon nanotubes

The supplier says it is now able to commercialize up to 100 metric tonnes of its TUBALL graphene nanotubes per year in Europe.

Carbon Fibers

Graphene-reinforced carbon fibers may offer path to stronger, cheaper composites

Graphene (0.075 weight %) added to PAN precursor exhibited 225% increase in carbon fiber tensile strength and 184% increase in modulus.
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