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Successful integration of PocketQube satellites in 3D-printed composite deployer

The 3D-printed, composites-based AlbaPod v2 satellite deployer and nine integrated PocketQubes for the Alba Cluster 3 mission enable largest PocketQube launch to date.


The markets: Aerospace (2021)

The coronavirus pandemic, a once-in-a-millennia global catastrophe, has depressed commercial air travel in unprecedented and disastrous ways. Implications start with the airlines themselves and trickle down to major airframers and the entire tier structure of the aerospace supply chain.
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Carbon Fibers

CFP Composites launches low-cost, carbon fiber laminate that processes like metal

The BM-5 laminate board can be screwed, tapped, fastened, bonded and painted just like a metal, and requires no prepreg, layout or curing. It also has a comparable cost to metal, removing operator and financial barriers to adopt carbon fiber.


The markets: Renewable energy (2021)

Wind energy continues to dominate in this segment and remains the world’s largest market for glass fiber-reinforced composites.
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SourceBook 2021

Welcome to the online SourceBook, the counterpart to CompositesWorld's annually published print SourceBook composites industry buyer's guide.

Carbon Fibers

Future composite manufacturing - AFP and Additive Manufacturing

TU Munich symposium explores how these technologies are merging and reviews R&D that is creating a path forward.

Carbon Fibers

Composite Recycling Technology Center launches recycled carbon fiber sports bench

The bench, launched with the remodel of a Washington-based aquatic center, is said to be durable and easy to clean for sports and aquatic facilities.

Carbon Fibers

South Korean carbon fiber recycling start-up scales up

With plans for growth, CATACK-H claims its solvolysis-based recycling process can reclaim high-quality fibers and resins from materials and finished parts.
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Carbon Fibers

Addcomposites installs AFP-XS at Compositadour and integrates humm3 flash lamp

French technology platform expands access to composites beyond aerospace, while humm3 offers cost-effective dry fiber and thermoplastic tape placement in addition to CF/epoxy prepregs.

Carbon Fibers

Mansory Audi RSQ8 conversion incorporates carbon fiber

The high-performance SUV boasts carbon fiber front, side and rear skirts, as well as a composite hood. Carbon fiber trim completes the look.