WSU-NIAR adds automated TP welding and tape-slitting capabilities to ATLAS facility

Systems to aid in welding process developments for the joining of composite structures via fusion bonding, and support AFP demands.


Durability testing of adhesively bonded composites

Current test method development shows potential for the composite wedge test, a standardized durability-based test for adhesively bonded composites. 


ENLIGHTEN program launched to speed thermoplastic composites industrialization

Multi-scale modeling, testing, sensors and machine learning will advance understanding and algorithms to achieve process control and optimization for both aerospace and automotive supply chains.
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Contactless measurement of temperature, pressure in composites

Magnetic microwires enable contactless measurement of temperature and pressure during cure and in service.
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NCC to play key role in U.K./Australian advanced materials collaboration

Funding announced for innovative proposals cover integration of composites, adhesives for structural joining, joining high-temperature structures and improving armor systems.


Solvay to develop composite structure for Vertical Aerospace eVTOL aircraft

Composite and adhesive technologies will be supplied to Vertical Aerospace for a zero-emissions, all-electric prototype scheduled for a September 2021 test flight.
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Solvay, Leonardo launch joint research lab for thermoplastic composites

The Solvay Leonardo Joint Research Lab aims to facilitate the broader adoption of thermoplastic composites by the aerospace industry.
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Manufacturing the upper half of the Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator (MFFD)

Proving industrial reliability for low-cost thermoplastic composites production using AFP in-situ consolidation, as well as continuous ultrasonic and resistance welding.
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Troubleshooting failures in adhesive-bonded composite joints

Cause of adhesive bonding inconsistencies or failure may be numerous. According to Louis Dorworth, the following points should be examined to determine the culprit.
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Molecular Plasma Group introduces automated technology for adhesion promotion

MolecularGRIP combines atmospheric plasma treatment with adhesion promoter chemistry for automated, environmentally-friendly adhesion promotion on material surfaces.