WSU-NIAR adds automated TP welding and tape-slitting capabilities to ATLAS facility

Systems to aid in welding process developments for the joining of composite structures via fusion bonding, and support AFP demands.


Borflex releases compacting AFP roller range

Applicable to thermoset or thermoplastic prepregs, the Fiberroll compacting roller range ensure optimal surface appearance, rugosity and geometry while avoiding material adherence.


Heraeus, University of Sheffield AMRC partner to develop innovative composite technologies

Tier 2 membership enables Heraeus Noblelight to explore filament winding capabilities using its humm3 technology for rapid layup of thermosets, dry fiber and thermoplastics.
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Challenges of laser-assisted tape winding of thermoplastic composites

Practical solutions for process-related challenges in LATW, which has great potential for pressure vessels and storage tanks.


France Relance award granted to Omega Systèmes for automated composite slitting solutions 

Central to the OMEGA-WEB 2022 will be inline automated inspection, and large-scale production of composite parts via AFP, ATL to accelerate the aerospace sector.


Carbon Axis XCell strengthens AFP capabilities at Compositadour

New robotic cell will expand testing, prototyping and pre-series production for industries looking to automate composites preforming.


Tow steering, Part 3: The birth of tow shearing

In-plane shearing of tows, versus in-plane bending of tows, hopes to take automated fiber placement directionality to new levels. 


IIAMS wing box road map to certification

Airbus DS uses Clean Sky demonstrators as part of broad strategy to ready next-gen aircraft technology for flight.
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Advancing the OOA infused wing box

MTorres integrates lower cover, front and rear spars into unitized flying demonstrator using one-shot, low-cost, portable production.
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Bilsing expands aerospace composites capabilities with 3D tape laying equipment

Conbility PrePro 3D system will be used to produce components for aircraft interior galleys, seats and overhead bins.
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