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Toyota and Hino agree to develop heavy-duty fuel cell truck using composite storage tanks

Toyota and Hino agree to develop heavy-duty fuel cell truck using composite storage tanks
Type IV tanks will help provide 600-kilometer range and meet commercial vehicle requirements

BritishPetroleum’s (BP) Thunder Horse

Oil & gas: Will the composite riser rise again?
A new effort to develop a undersea pipe resets the long-term development course, again, toward an all-composite design for deepwater-capable oil and gas risers.

Pressure vessels for alternative fuels, 2014-2023
Lower fuel costs and escalating emissions standards are driving a 10 percent annual growth in alternative fuel pressure vessel sales.

HPC turns 20
Celebrating two-decades of composites advocacy.

Carbon fiber: Program news
In addition to the prognostications of carbon fiber industry watchers, attendees at Carbon Fiber 2010 (Dec. 7-9 in La Jolla, Calif.) also heard news of carbon fiber inroads to a number of composites programs.

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Composites fuel growth of fuel cell technology
Composite components in hydrogen fuel cell systems help handle higher heat and reduce stack size.

Worldwide NGV Growth Actual/Projected

The outlook for composite pressure vessels
Environmental and economic pressures continue to drive growth in the market for composite pressure vessels used in personal and public transportation applications.

Scott Stephenson mug shot

Market Trends: Carbon fiber demand, supply and the commodity threshold
CompositesWorld conferences director Scott Stephenson notes the increasing evidence at Carbon Fiber 2007 that the carbon fiber market is maturing.


Composite Drill Pipe An Available Option
    Lincoln has been producing flexible composite drill pipe for short-radius, horizontal drilling since 1991. Its nominal 2.375 inch /60.3 mm (OD), 30 ft/9m long pipe shaft is filament wound with 12K carbon fiber combined with glass fibers in epoxy resin over an elastomeric liner. Standard API rotary shoulder too

Composite Drilling Risers Many Years In The Making
    The development of rigid composite riser systems has a history that spans two decades. Beginning in 1979, Aerospatiale and the Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP) developed a 15,000 psi, 4 inch composite tubular. Although this project started out as a feasibility study, by the mid-1980s it had led to the manufa


Design Issues With Risers And Drill Pipe
    The design characteristics of composites make them good material candidates for both risers and drill pipe. The high strength-to-weight ratio of composites means that they can be fabricated to withstand the same hydrostatic collapse pressures as steel, at a much lower weight — as much as 65 percent less on a p

Composite Production Riser Projects
    ABB Vetco Gray is currently developing a 10.05 inch (ID), all-carbon fiber, top-tensioned production riser, designed for use on TLPs and spars. The design enables operation at an internal pressure of 6,000 psi and a mean bulk temperature of 175°F. Ten prototypes are currently undergoing static and fatigue test


Composite Auxiliary/Choke And Kill Lines
    In 1998, Stewart and Stevenson (Houston), a manufacturer of risers, BOPs, valves, and other offshore components, approached Lincoln Composites with the idea of developing composite auxiliary/choke and kill lines. Lincoln’s business development manager Doug Johnson says that standard metallic riser joints with


Composite Accumulator Bottles Perform In Service
    A riser tensioning system for a TLP consists of a tensioning ring and framework, with four to eight hydraulic cylinders — each with an attached pressure vessel or “accumulator bottle” — to support and allow movement of the rigid riser pipe. Installed in the riser wellbay, this primary structural system is desi


Changing The Paradigm
    In Gibson’s opinion, large composite structures will be proven onshore, in civil infrastructure. “What will happen is that large pultruded parts and those made with other means will become commonplace,” he maintains, “and then the technology will migrate to other areas, including offshore oil.”     Dr. Char

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