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automated composites cutting

Compression RTM for production of future aerostructures
Automated preforming and 5-min resin infiltration show a way forward for lower-cost CFRP primary structures.

Advancing thermoplastic composites and RTM for Clean Sky 2 in Spain

Advancing thermoplastic composites and RTM for Clean Sky 2 in Spain
EURECAT leads projects for TPC keel beam, window frames and thermoset RTM fuselage frames with TPC shear ties for next-gen aircraft.

Live from 2017 Carbon Fiber conference

Live from 2017 Carbon Fiber conference
Automation, 3D printing and thermoplastics herald a new future for carbon fiber composites.

Israel Aerospace Industries automated preforming and trimming of dry fabric for net-shape RTM parts

Improving one-piece aerostructures by automating preforming
IAI’s fully automated “one-shot” RTM production line cuts helicopter seat cost 30% vs. hand layup prepreg.

Composite Alliance Corp Techni-Modul Engineering automated preforming cell

Automated preforming: Intelligent automation in pick-and-place systems
Layups go industrial with hand-like grippers that can fold fabric or prepreg into corners and robot-mounted cameras that inspect from fabric to cut plies to fiber gaps in final preforms.


Automated Preforming, Part 1: Numbers and Landscape
CW’s multi-blog series on preforming begins with an overview and quick look at the numbers: 1-minute take time, 10-15 seconds per layer, 490-kg/hr and 3.5 million parts/year. Are you ready for serial CFRP production?

ACE Awards winner

CAMX 2016 Show Report
The 3rd annual joint ACMA/SAMPE-sponsored trade event comes to Anaheim with an exhibition and conference program attractive to professionals across the composites world.

Turnkey manufacturing systems: Materials, markets and maturation
Automated production cells promise affordability and less risk in scaling up composites production, but are they really the path forward?

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Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type)
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