YXLON launches industrial computed tomography system

Originally titled 'TESTING, MEASUREMENT & INSPECTION SYSTEMS Versatile industrial computed tomography system'

YXLON International has introduced the FF85 CT, a new computed tomography (CT) system.

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YXLON International (Hamburg, Germany) has introduced the FF85 CT, a new computed tomography (CT) system. Features include a dual X-ray tube configuration and a high- precision granite manipulator that provides up to 7 axes. The FF85 CT is an all-round CT system for the testing of small and large parts as well as materials of varying densities. It also runs on the Geminy software platform already in use on the more compact YXLON FF20 CT and FF35 CT systems. Equipped with an open microfocus tube with up to 225 kV as well as a minifocus tube with up to 450 kV and a choice of flat panel detectors, the FF85 CT is suitable for use with composites, aluminum, steel, additively manufactured components, mechatronic modules and geological and biological samples. Its applicability spans a myriad of industries, academic fields, research and development projects, and industrial processes and production control. The system’s ScanExtend feature allows for horizontal measuring circle extension and is said to be ideal for scanning larger components or maximizing magnification on smaller components.