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8/26/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Mahr's Precimar SM 60 speeds length measurement

Originally titled 'High-performance length measurement'
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The SM 60 is a length measurement system with a measuring range of 60 mm, and is configurable with Mahr readouts such as digital indicators or LVDT probes.

metering system

Source | Mahr


Mahr Inc.’s (Providence, R.I., U.S.) Precimar SM 60 is a length measurement instrument designed for fast and precise external measurements on shop floor parts. The SM 60 is said to have a measuring range of 60 mm and to be configurable with Mahr readouts such as digital indicators or LVDT probes. It incorporates a 25-mm sensitive contact and a fixed reference jaw with a 35-mm adjustment to obtain its full 60-mm measurement capacity.

According to the company, the SM 60 is designed for high-performance gaging at the point of manufacture, and is easily adaptable for new workpieces, enabling the system to act either as a long-range measuring system or as a high-performance comparator for sub-micron applications.

The user selects the preferred readout for level of performance and application of the measurement. For applications requiring versatility, a 25-mm MarCator 1086 or 1087 is available, featuring a large display or analog dial. If higher resolution and performance are required, a Millimar P2004 LVDT with ±2-mm range and C1200 bench amplifier are available to provide sub-micron performance at the machining process.

The SM 60 also features integrated coupling to protect against over-range damage, hardened contact surfaces on both the sensitive and reference contacts, and an easy-to-adjust support table and optional floating micro-center support. For increased versatility, a family of measuring attachments for the standard contacts is available, including contacts with radius surfaces, flat-edge contacts and flat contacts with various diameters, allowing for plain OD checks for adding gage pin wires, OD thread checking and a threaded contact set for adding any of Mahr’s standard M 2,5 threaded contacts.


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