Finepart waterjet system enables precise, non-thermal cutting

A micro abrasive waterjet system offers non-thermal micro cutting for composites in a variety of applications.

Finepart Sweden AB’s (Bollebygd, Sweden) Finecut micro abrasive waterjet system has a reported positioning accuracy of +/- 2.5 microns and the ability to cut precise, complex parts with diameters as low as 200 microns and as high as 500 mm. The system’s particle erosion process adapts to the material and cuts complex shapes out of most materials, including composite materials, without thermal or mechanical damage.

According to Finepart, the system is currently used in applications including prototyping, fine mechanics and tooling, medical devices, aerospace, watchmaking and luxury goods. The machine can be used with the company’s customized solutions for fixturing and handling, and any new options for the machine are retrofittable to older models.

Unlike traditional waterjets, the fully encapsulated machine is designed to be placed in any workshop alongside other ultra-precision machines such as wire electrical discharge machines (EDM). Additional advantages include the ability to pierce and cut in one setup, high cutting speeds, no need for recast layers, and an ability to cut non-conductive materials.