Diab and Porcelanosa Group create lightweight composite panel

Appears in Print as: 'Foam core for composite building panels'

The building panel comprises ceramic and aluminum layers with a Divinycell P core.


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Diab (Helsingborg, Sweden), in collaboration with Butech, a materials and building systems division of ceramic tile manufacturer the Porcelanosa Group (Villarreal, Spain), has developed a new foam core sandwich panel for use with lighweight composite panels. 

The light sandwich panel system, called System X light XXL, has been developed as a fixing solution for building façades. The panel comprises a ceramic facing and an aluminum backside with a core of Divinycell P that ensures improved thermal insulation and complies with the FST (Fire, Smoke and Toxicity) classification Euroclass Bs2d0. The panel’s dimensions are 3,000 by 1,000 mm, and it weights 8 kg/m2 .

Due to its light weight, the panel is said to offer faster installation and decreased need for a back-up structure. The ceramic finishing is said to achieve a stable and even surface, and the panel is designed to ensure no change in color over time and to reduce the risk of warping due to thermal stresses. 

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