CAMX 2020 exhibit preview: Montalvo

Appears in Print as: 'Automated, closed-loop tension control'

Montalvo is debuting its Vanguard tension control system, an automated, closed-loop tension control system designed for composite tows and tapes.


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Montalvo CAMX 2020 composites load cells

Source | Montalvo

Web tension control specialist Montalvo (Gorham, Maine, U.S.) is debuting its Vanguard tension control system (MVS), which it says is the industry’s first cost-effective, automated, closed-loop tension control system designed for composite tows and tapes. The Vanguard system is said to automatically control the slightest changes to ensure tension is automatically and continuously precise per user specification.

According to Montalvo, precise and consistent tension control of every tow ensures each tow's effectiveness is maximized, creating stronger, better, higher-quality end products, and eliminating negative outcomes like production of scrap or even catastrophic failure that can result from inconsistent and non-uniform tension. 

Montalvo CAMX 2020 composites load cells

Vanguard system creel brake. Source | Montalvo

The Vanguard system comprises a tension control platform, tension measurement devices and torque control devices, and can be sized and scaled to meet the the requirements and number of tows or tapes. The system features a single interface for automated control, indication and data collection of every tow.

The Vanguard Load Cells (V-LC), which feature Montalvo’s load cell technology designed for sensitivity, reliability and repeatability, give exact, continuous tension measurement of tows for higher quality tension control. Montalvo’s Vanguard Tension Controller (V-TC) is designed for easy setup and operation, and uses the continuous feedback from the load cells to make minute changes in torque, automatically and precisely maintaining set tension. Montalvo’s Vanguard Torque Control offers three different torque control options depending on the application requirements.

Montalvo tension control system CAMX 2020

Vanguard system. Source | Montalvo

Whether the requirements include retrofitting an existing process or building a new one, the MVS is said to make advanced processing and manufacturing with higher quality and less waste more accessible and affordable. The composites tension control systems and components are designed to be drop-in solutions, fitting within existing applications to add automated tension control to an application and deliver a quick return on investment.

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