CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Eurovac Inc.

Appears in Print as: 'Portable pneumatic vacuum '

Eurovac to highlight its Eurovac II Pneumatic Portable at CAMX 2019.


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pneumatic vacuum

Source | Eurovac Inc.

Eurovac Inc. (North York, Ontario, Canada) will highlight its Eurovac II Pneumatic Portable at CMAX 2019.

The portable unit was designed to safely collect a variety of fine powders, explosive dusts and debris. The Eurovac II Pneumatic Portable is powered by compressed air being forced through a venturi to create a powerful vacuum capable of handling two technicians sanding simultaneously. The use of compressed air eliminates the chance of either a dust or gas explosion by removing the element of a sparking motor.

The system is grounded and the vacuum hoses and cuffs are static conductive, meeting NFPA codes. The system is also available with an optional HEPA filtration upgrade.

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