CAMX 2019 exhibit preview: Chameleon Innovations

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Chameleon Innovations is featuring its retractable booth designs, adapted for composites air quality and dust control compliance.
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Chameleon Innovations CAMX 2019

Source | Chameleon Innovations


Chameleon Innovations (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is featuring its retractable booth designs, which the company says have been adapted for the air quality and dust control compliance needs of the composites manufacturing industry. 

The company’s retractable booths are said to contain and filter composite dusts for products as small as fiberglass tanks to larger items such as wind turbine and aerospace components. The retractable solutions are designed to benefit both manufacturers that need temporary environmental control solutions without taking up extra plant space and for those needing to move large products in and out of the booth.

Chameleon offers a complete line of retractable booths, filtration systems for both non-combustible and combustible dusts, and LED lighting systems and other accessories. These services are meant to help composites manufacturers both achieve both efficiency and comply to safety regulations such as OSHA plant air quality regulations and NFPA combustible dust standards. 

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