Allnex launches UV curable resins

New range of resins enable UV curing of pultruded and filament wound parts.


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Allnex (Alpharetta, GA, US) announces its range of UV curable resins, falling under the EBECRYL brand, engineered for the manufacturing of thermoset GFRP composites having regular geometries.  

The EBECRYL resins will cure upon exposure to UV light, allowing composite manufacturers to cure with UV lamps instead of a thermal curing oven. While this makes UV curing impractical for carbon fiber composites and irregularly shaped laminates, several benefits can be captured when the use of UV technology is feasible.

“Using UV technology will reduce the required floor space and capital expenditure, both for the curing oven and the number of mandrels needed. The resins support green initiatives as they are styrene-free, and as energy consumption can be reduced by up to 90%. Being 1 component systems, the resins have no pot life limitations, and there is practically no waste. As the curing will complete in less than 5 minutes, a high throughput per line and/or shortened cycle times can be achieved,” says Bill Bryant, New Business Development manager for Allnex.

“The filament winding research line that was installed in our Alpharetta facility, allows to collaborate with our partners during the concept and development stage. A collaborative approach ensures early alignment on the selected materials, UV lamp and application parameters, which is critical to meet specific application requirements. We invite manufacturers and consultants to partner with us and capture the benefits of UV curing on their line,” says Jon Shaw, Technical Service and Business Development manager.

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