CW Talks: The Composites Podcast

CW Talks: The Composites Podcast highlights the people and technologies shaping the world of composites. Interviews feature guests with expertise and insight about where composites have been and where they are headed.

Recent Episodes

RELEASED: 2/7/2018

Episode 16: Donna Dawson, CompositesWorld

Donna Dawson, senior writer emeritus for CompositesWorld, shares her memories from the early days of composites. 

RELEASED: 11/28/2017

Episode 13: Avner Ben-Bassat, Plataine Technologies

Avner Ben-Bassat, president & CEO of Plataine Technologies Ltd., discusses optimization software, the ‘digital thread,’ automation and how it all relates to composites.

RELEASED: 11/8/2017

Episode 12: Geoff Wood, Composites Recycling Technology Center

Geoff Wood, founder, fellow and vice president of innovation at the Composites Recycling Technology Center (CRTC) in Port Angeles, Wash., discusses CRTC, the composites recycling market and more. Geoff will be moderating a panel on composites recycling at CompositesWorld’s Carbon Fiber conference Nov. 28-30 in Charleston, South Carolina. 

RELEASED: 10/25/2017

Episode 11: Steve Gonzalez, KONE

Steve Gonzalez, director of the major projects unit, Americas, at elevator manufacturer KONE, details the development of UltraRope, a pultruded carbon fiber cabling system for elevators. If you want to learn more, Gonzalez is giving a presentation about UltraRope at CompositesWorld’s 2017 Carbon Fiber conference, Nov. 28-30 in Charleston, SC, US

RELEASED: 9/7/2017

Episode 9: Joseph Choma, Clemson University

Joseph Choma, assistant professor of architecture at Clemson University, discusses his work with developing foldable composite materials for use in architectural structures.