TeXtreme used in next generation of bandy sticks

Inxide and Eventsport collaborate to develop a new bandystick reinforced with spread tow carbon fiber from Oxeon.


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INXIDE (Trollhättan, Sweden) announced March 7 they have collaborated with Eventsport (Vänersborg, Sweden) and Swedish elite players to develop the next generation of bandy sticks, the RELEASE, reinforced with TeXtreme.

“By adding TeXtreme, we reduced the weight while optimizing the correct dampening, balance and flex properties,” says Anders Holmkvist R&D manager at INXIDE. “We have seen the difference TeXtreme technology has made in ice hockey sticks and floorball sticks which both utilize the unique qualities of TeXtreme.”

“Our partnership with INXIDE and TeXtreme has made it possible to move from the traditional wooden stick to a composite stick, which is quite new in bandy,” says Jens Öberg, CEO, Eventsport. “It will not only help the players performance on the ice, it will also reduce the amount of sticks used during a season.” 

TeXtreme spread tow carbon reinforcements are a unique kind of composite reinforcement which helps brands who are seeking to reduce weight and improve mechanical properties of their products. Many sports have seen the use of TeXtreme make an immediate and dominant impact on performance; over 400 NHL players use sticks reinforced by this carbon fiber technology.

“TeXtreme is becoming the new standard carbon fiber reinforcement for high-end applications where low weight and performance is key. We’re proud to be a part of and help products to be at the fore front of innovation,” says Henrik Blycker, CEO of Oxeon (Borås, Sweden).

The RELEASE stick will be available from retailers in July.