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9/9/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Teijin develops foldable fiber-reinforced plastic structure

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ORIBAKO, a polyhedron structure comprising FRP panels connected by hinges, is expected to be commercially available in 2022.


fiber reinforced plastic foldable panel

ORIBAKO prototype. Source | Teijin Ltd.


Teijin Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) and GH Craft Ltd., Teijin's composites design, development, prototype and evaluation unit, has announced the development of ORIBAKO, a new foldable fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) structure, to be commercially available by 2022.

fiber reinforced plastic foldable panel prototype

Prototype of a structure built using ORIBAKO panels. Source | Teijin Ltd.

ORIBAKO comprises a polyhedron structure made of FRP panels and hinges said to be easily transported, deployed, folded away and stored. FRP with soft resin is used for the hinges to provide elasticity, flexibility and durability as well as a tight seal. The product can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as small boxes or simple architectural structures. The FRPs used for the panels and the hinged sections are designed for seamless integration to ensure airtightness and a smooth surface with no ridges. Depending on the application, the composition of materials used for the panels and hinges of the ORIBAKO can be adjusted to incorporate properties such as sound absorption, heat insulation or shock absorption, Teijin says.

Teijin and GH Craft say they will continue to enhance ORIBAKO’s properties by expanding the range of materials used in its construction, aiming to make it commercially available by 2022. Expected applications of ORIBAKO include temporary indoor spaces with external solar panels, and for delivery containers requiring easy and rapid cargo changes and a tight seal.