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1/23/2020 | 1 MINUTE READ

REIN4CED to produce composite bicycle frames for Accell

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REIN4CED recently opened an automated production facility in Belgium to produce hybrid carbon fiber and steel composite frames for Accell mountain bikes.


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carbon fiber bicycle frame

Source | REIN4CED


On Jan. 16, Accell Group (Heerenveen, Netherlands) and REIN4CED (Leuven, Belgium) announced that they are collaborating on the automated production of hybrid carbon fiber and steel composite bicycle frames for Accell, with plans for new hardtail mountain bikes to be on the market by mid-2020.

Michaël Callens, CEO of REIN4CED, says the company’s new FEATHER material used for the bicycle frames is a hybrid carbon fiber and steel composite material that is designed to offer extreme impact resistance.

To produce composite frames for Accell’s line of Ghost hardtail mountain bikes, REIN4CED set up a new automated manufacturing facility in Leuven, Belgium, shifting production from its Asia facility closer to Accell Group’s Netherlands location to provide logistic and sustainability advantages as well as increased supply chain flexibility and efficiency. According to REIN4CED, the new facility is capable of producing an annual capacity of up to 20,000 frames.

The companies plan for the new bicycle line to be available to customers in Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and the Czech Republic. 

“This collaboration matches Accell Group’s global innovation strategy and ambition to increase sustainability in its products. With enhanced durability and safety through local production and maximum performance for our cyclists with the new FEATHER technology. In two words: this innovation is smart and green,” says Ton Anbeek, CEO of Accell Group.


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