Plataine, Marubeni Aerospace to offer IIoT solutions to Japanese manufacturers

The collaboration will offer AI-based digital manufacturing products for Japanese aerospace and automotive sectors.
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Plataine (Waltham, Mass., U.S.) has signed a memorandum of understanding with Marubeni Aerospace (Tokyo, Japan) to jointly offer Plataine’s Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to advanced manufacturers across Japan. As part of the collaboration, Marubeni Aerospace says it will offer Plataine’s full suite of products to advanced manufacturing sectors in sectors such as aerospace and automotive.

The collaboration combines Plataine’s digital solutions with Marubeni Aerospace’s range of services, which include consultation, project management, marketing, financing and after-sales support. Marubeni Aerospace aims to serve the advance Japanese manufacturing market and build solid long-term relationships between Plataine, Marubeni Aerospace and the customers.

Plataine’s digital manufacturing solutions are said to integrate with local systems and collect real-time data from factory sensors that is then analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI)-based digital assistants, offering predictive alerts and recommendations. Actionable insights and optimized real-time recommendations are subsequently sent to factory floor staff. Plataine’s technology also reportedly automates and improves process control, while optimizing production throughput and material yield. The resulting digital thread of information is said to record every step of the manufacturing process, from raw material to end product, improving overall quality control.

Plataine’s AI-enabled IIoT offering is the most cutting-edge solution we’ve seen on the market, and I am confident it will deliver major productivity and efficiency benefits to customers of ours across Japan,” says Takashi Kawai, senior vice president and general manager at Marubeni Aerospace.

“Entering the Japanese market is an important milestone for Plataine,” says Avner Ben-Bassat, president and CEO of Plataine. “Teaming up with a leading player with proven capabilities and market presence is critical to our success, and we intend for the Plataine-Marubeni Aerospace collaboration to be an enduring one. We, together with Marubeni Aerospace, are proud to deliver the promise of Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing to Japanese manufacturers.”

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