New Steering Committee named for the European Alliance for SMC BMC

With a focus on promotion and education of BMC and SMC across Europe, the association is looking toward its 2022 event.  
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Source | European Alliance SMC BMC

With the completion of the SMC BMC 2019 Design Awards, the general assembly of the Brussels-based European Alliance for SMC BMC — an industry association of European companies involved in sheet molding compound (SMC) and bulk molding compound (BMC) composite technologies — reports it has elected a new Steering Committee for its future endeavors.  

The Alliance welcomes these individuals to the team:

  • Joan Montobbio, Menzolit, chairman
  • Thomas Wegman, AOC, vice-chairman, marketing lead
  • Franck Gubler, Johns Manville
  • Markus Schiffmann, Polynt  
  • Paul Truffy, Owens Corning

According to the European Alliance, the new committee will prepare for the SMC BMC Design Award 2022, as well as for several additional events to bring SMC and BMC closer to designers and engineers. The association, operating under the umbrella of the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA), says it will continue to promote and networking SMC and BMC materials in transportation, construction, consumer and electrical markets.


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