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Luna expands its product portfolio for automotive and aerospace

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Luna Innovations acquires Micron Optics, provider of optical components and laser-based measurement solutions, broadening its product offerings for automotive and aerospace.

Luna Innovations Inc. (Roanoke, VA, US), a global leader in advanced fiber optic technology, announced on Oct. 16 that it has acquired Micron Optics Inc. (Atlanta, GA, US), a provider of optical components and laser-based measurement solutions that are used in multiple industries including in automotive and aerospace.

According to Luna, the combined product portfolio has the potential to provide customers with better capabilities and broader offerings including higher speeds and longer measurement range.

“The acquisition of Micron Optics fits squarely within our core technology platform and target markets,” says Scott Graeff, president and CEO of Luna. “We are focused on scaling our two vertical markets – structural testing and sensing as well as communications testing – with a particular emphasis on the growing aerospace and automotive areas.” 

Brian Soller, Ph.D., vice president and general manager of Luna’s Lightwave Division, adds, “We see this as a perfect fit with our core strategic sensing capabilities and expect to immediately integrate Micron Optics into our existing infrastructure.”

Luna also hopes to provide more direct access to customers in Asia through Micron Optics’ overseas sales channels.


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