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LM Wind Power installs 66.6 m blades on 4MW offshore wind turbine in China

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The installation is the first in a two-year agreement with Shanghai Electric Wind Power for LM 66.6 blade sets.


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LM Wind Power's (Lunderskov Municipality, Denmark) first two sets of LM 66.6 blades have been successfully installed on Shanghai Electric Wind Power's (Shanghai, China) 4.0MW-136 wind turbine in China. 

Shanghai Electric Wind Power's 4MW platform is designated for Windclass II areas in Shanghai and beyond. LM Wind Power provided onsite support and service to carry out the installation of the LM 66.6 blades at the Shanghai Lingang Phase I site.

The installation of the 66.6-m offshore blades on September 6, 2018 follows the signing of LM Wind Power's first deal with Shanghai Electric Wind Power. In the two-year agreement, LM Wind Power's blade plant in Qinhuangdao, China will deliver the LM 66.6 blade sets during 2018 and 2019.


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