Hexcel, Safran expand contract for composite materials in commercial aerospace programs

Long-term supplier contract amended to include Hexcel’s HexTow IM7 for the GE9X engine, as well as core, adhesives, prepregs and fabrics for additional aerospace applications.
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HexTow fibers from Hexcel

Photo Credit: Hexcel

Hexcel Corp. (Stamford, Conn., U.S.) announced on Dec. 14 that the scope of its long-term supplier contract with Safran S.A. (Paris, France) has been expanded to include advanced composite materials for a broader range of commercial aerospace applications.

“This contract expansion is the result of a successful, collaborative relationship between Safran and Hexcel that started more than 35 years ago to serve the aerospace industry,” says Thierry Merlot, president Aerospace Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Industrial. “This agreement will further strengthen the long-term partnership between our companies and reinforces our strategic position within Safran’s First Circle suppliers.”

For more than three decades, Hexcel has been a trusted, leading supplier of high-performance, advanced composites such as carbon fiber, adhesives, prepregs, dry fabrics and honeycomb core to Safran programs. For example, since 2013, Hexcel HexTow IM7 carbon fiber has been supplied for Safran’s LEAP-1A, -1B and -1C engine programs, which developed engines with 15% greater fuel efficiency, a 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and a 75% reduction in noise level.

According to Hexcel, that contract has now been amended to include HexTow IM7 for the GE9X engine that powers the Boeing 777X. The contract also includes Hexcel core, adhesives, prepregs and fabrics for additional applications on engine nacelles and aircraft interiors.

“It was time to include Safran Cabin, Safran Seats and Safran Aerosystems within our global long-term agreement,” says Thierry Viguier, vice president, Safran Materials Purchasing. “Hexcel has shown again, during this difficult period of time, that they are a strong and reliable long-term partner.”