Fraunhofer and Conbility announce fiber and tape-placement JV

The new tape-placement system PrePro 3D will be presented by the two partners for the first time at JEC World 2018.


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In collaboration with Conbility GmbH (Aachen, Germany), the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT (Aachen, Germany) is working to develop tape placement and winding technology to the next level in order to meet industrial requirements in readiness for transfer to industrial application.

Conbility GmbH is looking to add two new systems to its product range using the PrePro technology developed by the Fraunhofer IPT as part of this collaborative venture. The company will provide the technical support for the new standard systems to emerge from cooperation with the Fraunhofer IPT, which are now being marketed by Conbility and will carry out all maintenance on the equipment as well as offering training courses for industrial clients. The new tape-placement system PrePro 3D will be presented by the two partners at JEC World from 6 to 8 March 2018 in Paris in the AZL Composites in Action Area in Hall 5A, Booth C55.

The PrePro-3D-applicator is available as a modular system and can be integrated as a plug-in retrofit in existing robot or machine systems. It is suitable for processing pre-impregnated semi-finished products known as prepregs. A notable feature of this setup is that it allows complex, three- dimensional preforms to be produced directly. The advanced laser technology used can accommodate a wide range of process temperature, enabling the system to perform laser-assisted thermoplastic tape placement and to process thermoset prepregs with ease. The system is capable of producing tubular components as well as complex 3D structures. In order to facilitate integration in existing equipment, the product has a decentralized control system which communicates with the machine system via standard interface, thereby offering a high level of versatility in terms of applications.