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CHOMARAT invests in new pilot production line

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The company will use new manufacturing technology to develop next-generation laid scrim reinforcements for construction materials.

CHOMARAT (Le Cheylard, France) announced on Nov. 5 that it has invested in a new pilot production line to develop  a new generation of laid scrim reinforcements for construction materials. Conceived for the development of next generation cement board and roof-waterproofing reinforcements, the machine is versatile for developing materials for new markets.

“We are working on all the parameters – technological, chemical formulations, textile fibers – to optimize the performance of CHOMARAT scrims, such as protecting glass against alkali in cement or increasing impact resistance and water repellency,” explains Raphaël Pleynet, director of Composites & Construction Europe at CHOMARAT.

The new line is scheduled to begin operation in early 2019 at CHOMARAT’s construction plant in Anderson, SC, US.


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