AOC Aliancys announces changes to European distribution

Effective this month, BÜFA Composite Systems, Gaches Chimie Spécialités and Nor-Komp are exclusive distributors of AOC polyester and vinyl ester products.


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AOC Aliancys polyester and vinyl ester resins

Source | AOC Aliancys


AOC Aliancys (recently renamed AOC; Collierville, Tenn., U.S. and Schaffhausen, Switzerland) has reported that as of March 3, it has a new setup for European distribution of its unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resin products. 

BÜFA Composite Systems (Rastede, Germany) is now the exclusive distributor of AOC Aliancys products in the U.K., Spain, the Benelux and Finland. In the U.K., the change in distribution setup coincides with the transfer of AOC (UK) Ltd. from AOC Aliancys to BÜFA, which was announced in January 2020 and effective March 3. The new BÜFA Composite UK company will be the distributor of both the AOC Aliancys and BÜFA Composite Systems.

Gaches Chimie Spécialités (Toulouse, France) is now exclusive distributor in France, and Nor-Komp (Stavern, Norway) is distributor in Norway.

In Italy, AOC Aliancys itself will do the distribution for its products. AOC Aliancys will also become the distributor of the products from BÜFA Composite Systems.

“Already for many years we have enjoyed working together with BÜFA Composite Systems and Gaches Chimie,” says Fons Harbers, VP of marketing and sales EMEA at AOC Aliancys. “The new collaboration will extend our capabilities and market reach, providing the customers in Europe a much market better access to our products.”


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