ACMA updates vacuum infusion process certification program

Updates to ACMA's Vacuum Infusion Process program are said to provide essential tools and information for composites industry professionals.
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The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA; Arlington, Va., U.S.) has announced recent updates to the Vacuum Infusion Process (CCT-VIP) program. This program is part of ACMA’s Certified Composites Technician Program, which ACMA says is the only certification program designed for the composites manufacturing industry and covers nine key industry processes and applications.

“It was vitally important to keep the information for the Vacuum Infusion Process program up-to-date and to deliver a high-caliber curriculum for industry professionals,” says Andrew Pokelwaldt, ACMA's director, certification. “We worked over the course of seven months with a team of industry experts that have hands-on knowledge about the latest developments and technology in the area of vacuum infusion. The recent updates ensure companies and individuals have the information, tools and knowledge to take advantage of this rapidly growing technology that is the future of our industry.”

ACMA says that the vacuum infusion process is drawing interest because of its low capital investment, easily manageable learning curve and potential emissions reductions.

“Closed molding is changing the industry as we know it,” says Tom Dobbins, ACMA president.

“The modern drive towards out of autoclave processing and the advantages of low void, high quality composites is increasing interest in vacuum infusion,” Dobbins adds. “Advanced simulation techniques, proven materials, refined equipment, various resin choices, proven production and tooling methods for vacuum infusion continue to make the value proposition for increased use. To survive and thrive, companies will have to adjust their shop processes and acquire new skills to stay competitive and relevant. For these companies, the new updates to the CCT-VIP program are an essential resource.”

Visit www.acmanet.org/certification for more information on the program.

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