Changing composites paradigms in the wake of COVID-19

Efforts to locally and globally collaborate in order to address industry issues and stimulate innovation are becoming essential conversations during the coronavirus pandemic. 


Continuing the sustainable composites conversation

Once the coronavirus pandemic ends, and a new “normal” begins, what will the conversation around sustainable composites and advanced materials sound like?


Sustainability matters: Now, not just in the future

Public opinion on plastics will sharpen the focus on sustainability in composites manufacturing.


Wind energy: Gale force growth ahead

Columnist Dale Brosius addresses recent accomplishments, forecasts and recycling challenges affecting the wind energy industry — and composites use within it.


The coming decade: Clarity with a strong dose of uncertainty

Columnist Dale Brosius considers the potential and uncertain role of composites in aerospace, automotive and other markets in the coming decade.


Composites 4.0: Future or fad?

Columnist Dale Brosius reflects on Industry 4.0 — and, by extension, Composites 4.0 — and its future in the composites manufacturing industry.


Corvette: A multi-material success history

At the launch of the 2020 C8, Columnist Dale Brosius reflects on the iterations of multi-material innovation in the manufacture of Corvettes over its history.


Urban air mobility: The action heats up

Columnist Dale Brosius reflects on the current state of the under-development urban air mobility (UAM) market, where it’s headed, and what it all means for the composites industry.

Has composites innovation reached "the stall?"

Columnist Dale Brosius reflects that composites innovation, like meat partway through the smoking process, has reached a temporary stalling point. 


The impact of Apollo 11

On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, columnist Dale Brosius reflects on the past and future of advanced composites use in spacecraft.


Merger mania, part II?

Columnist Dale Brosius considers the surges of company mergers that have affected the composites industry over the years.

The future of composites: The next generation

Columnist Dale Brosius reflects on what professional societies like SPE and SAMPE are doing to engage the next generation of composites leaders.


Resilient infrastructure: Starting the dialogue

How does the infrastructure industry — and composites in particular — combat more frequent severe weather events and tidal flooding in coastal communities? Columnist Dale Brosius documents the beginnings of that dialogue.

Mass Transit

Composites: Irrational exuberance?

Columnist Dale Brosius advises against overoptimism as he reflects that much of the composites technology on display at JEC World 2019 were prototypes and proof of concepts, not revenue-generating products.


2019 North American International Auto Show: An unclear future for autocomposites?

Columnist Dale Brosius reflects on the insights — and lack thereof — he gained into current and upcoming autocomposites at 2019’s North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).


Composites recycling — no more excuses

Columnist Dale Brosius outlines six actionable levels of composites recycling that fabricators should follow.


Looking ahead at composites trends in 2019

Columnist Dale Brosius predicts 2019 will reveal growth opportunities in infrastructure, wind energy and personal air mobility for composites. 


Passion, persistence and patience – winning the long game

The American Composite Manufacturers Association (ACMA) and others have been pushing for the widespread use of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) rebar in infrastructure construction for decades. Now, the industry is starting to see some major wins.


Carbon fiber pickup box: A GM redux?

Didn’t GM release a truck with a composite pickup box years ago? The Pro-Tec box was molded in the same Huntington factory as the new CarbonPro version. So, what sets the new pickup box apart?


Composites in infrastructure: IMAGINE that!

At the beginning of August, the Innovative Materials for America’s Growth and Infrastructure Newly Expanded (IMAGINE) Act was introduced to encourage research and use of innovative materials in infrastructure.


Personal air mobility: Will this dream really fly?

At this summer’s Farnborough Air Show, Rolls Royce unveiled a concept vertical-takeoff-and-landing (VTOL) aircraft with six electrically powered propellers, aimed at multiple applications, including personal and public transportation.

Carbon Fibers

Lakes, rivers and the high seas: Boating’s influence on composites

We have the marine industry to thank for many of the advances seen in large-part composites fabrication.


Can we achieve global standards for composites?

It is the relative lack of such standards that presents one of the highest hurdles to composites adoption, and also is incredibly difficult to address.


Reflections after 60 columns about composites innovations

During the span of columnist Dale Brosius’s first 60 columns, several composites industry advancements have been truly eye-catching.