Magma Global delivers high-pressure composite riser pipe to HWCG consortium

Carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic m-pipe designed for flexible and more rapid deepwater oil and gas emergency responses for the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.


In-house polymer pulverizer expands Ensinger’s manufacturing capacities for composites

Machine investment strengthens Ensinger’s position as a complete solution provider in the areas of thermoplastic composite products and services.
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Additive Manufacturing

Impossible Objects, Ricoh 3D partner to produce high-strength 3D-printed composite parts

New material options for industrial customers across Europe to remove barriers to printing parts for drones, aircraft, automobiles, athletic gear and more.


MaruHachi installs new UD tape line for high-end applications

New focus on high-temperature thermoplastic tapes and multi-layer sheet laminates for aerospace, automotive and other demanding market segments.
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Carbon Fibers

Boston Materials manufacturing line increases composite material production capacity

Boston Material’s new 60-inch-wide roll-to-roll manufacturing line increases production capacity of Z-axis carbon fiber materials to more than eight million square feet per year.

Carbon Fibers

Victrex, Electroimpact achieve thermoset AFP speeds using thermoplastics

Using Electroimpact’s AFP technology and Victrex’s low-melt PAEK prepreg tape, the companies report laydown speeds of 4,000 inches per minute.
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Multilayer thermoplastic tapes, AFP and resin infusion for more democratic composites

Novotech advances new materials and more affordable automated processes for small aircraft and beyond
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Episode 35: Lisa Ketelsen, Covestro

CW Talks visits with Lisa Ketelsen, head of thermoplastic composites and CEO of Maezio at Covestro. Ketelsen talks about her path to Covestro and the Maezio product line, Maezio’s attributes and applications, and how she sees thermoplastic composites evolving in the marketplace.
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Additive Manufacturing

Infinite Material Solutions presents water-soluble support material for 3D-printing capabilities

AquaSys 180 is compatible with high-temperature thermoplastics and holds an advantage for the Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printing process.
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Aviation research program kicks off for continuous complex composite profiles

InPro project combines blow molding technology with Continuous Compression Molding (CCM) process for efficient, sustainable continuous composite profile production.  
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Carbon Fibers

Cygnet Texkimp unveils first commercial, high-volume thermoplastic tape line

Cygnet Texkimp’s Direct Melt Impregnation Thermoplastic Line is designed to produce thermpolastic tapes for automotive, industrial and aerospace applications.

Additive Manufacturing

Zortrax develops groundbreaking 3D Printing technology

High-performance parts are made out of two blends of PEEK filament via dual extrusion on Endureal industrial 3D printer.

Carbon Fibers

Teijin carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics qualified for aerospace applications

Collins Aerospace deemed Teijin Ltd.’s Tenax thermoplastic woven fabric and consolidated laminate materials suitable for large-scale production of structural components. 
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Fibre Extrusion Technology FET-100 series reaches $20 million in sales

The multi-functional melt spinning system facilitates the development of precursor synthetic textile materials, as well as biodegradable composite materials.
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CAMX 2020 exhibit preview: AGC Chemicals

AGC Chemicals Americas' mPLASTICS are new fluoropolymer-modified compounds to enhance the performance of carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites.
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Electroimpact’s 6-axis continuous fiber 3D printer, one part of future multi-functional manufacturing cell

The Scalable Composite Robotic Additive Manufacturing (SCRAM) system 3D prints with continuous fiber tape or filament and seamlessly swaps end effectors for large-scale pellet deposition and CNC machining.
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Swinburne University and CSIRO's Industry 4.0 Testlab for Composite Additive Manufacturing 

Australia and Germany collaborate to build Composites 4.0 production line for competitive advantage in next-gen manufacturing and workforce.
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Surface treatment for adhesive bonding: Thermoset vs. thermoplastic composites

According to BTG Labs, common surface treatment methods like abrasion and plasma treatment work best for different materials. 
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The untapped potential in Formula 1 composite manufacture

Formula 1’s midfield teams are struggling to bridge the gap to their better resourced frontrunning counterparts. Could Industry 4.0 composites manufacturing automation level the playing field?
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Additive Manufacturing

Hyperjoint: additive metal + composites = stronger, tougher joints

Eliminates drilling holes with lap shear 60% higher than bolted joints and almost twice that of bonded joints.
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