Rapid Robotics earns additional $12 million in Series A funding 

Rapid Robotics to product more than 50 million parts, including RMO all-in-one robotics solution to perform common machine operating tasks like injection molding and pick-and-place.


WSU-NIAR adds automated TP welding and tape-slitting capabilities to ATLAS facility

Systems to aid in welding process developments for the joining of composite structures via fusion bonding, and support AFP demands.


Bell starts operations at new Manufacturing Technology Center

Composites and metals manufacturing, automation, additive manufacturing and metrology will be undergirded by digital connectivity and digital twin to support affordable production of future vertical lift aircraft.
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Royal Engineered Composites named Innovation Business of the Year

The NBDC-based award was given based on the company’s goal to develop more efficient manufacturing processes, reduce scrap, labor and improve supply chain via robotic and AI technologies.


Automated weaving system targets high-performance, high-volume applications

Startup WEAV3D Inc.’s technology produces highly tunable, woven lattice reinforcements for cost-effective, high-volume automotive composites and precast concrete applications.
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Filament Winding

Heraeus, University of Sheffield AMRC partner to develop innovative composite technologies

Tier 2 membership enables Heraeus Noblelight to explore filament winding capabilities using its humm3 technology for rapid layup of thermosets, dry fiber and thermoplastics.
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France Relance award granted to Omega Systèmes for automated composite slitting solutions 

Central to the OMEGA-WEB 2022 will be inline automated inspection, and large-scale production of composite parts via AFP, ATL to accelerate the aerospace sector.

Compression Molding

Innovative tooling, automation enable new line of composite window wells

Moldmaker and automation specialist Commercial Tool Group provided RockWell with custom compression molds and robotics to enable high-volume, low-cost production.
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Carbon Axis XCell strengthens AFP capabilities at Compositadour

New robotic cell will expand testing, prototyping and pre-series production for industries looking to automate composites preforming.

Carbon Fibers

Hot drape forming

Heat, vacuum and/or pressure advance from debulking prepreg layups to automated preforming of dry reinforcements for faster composites production.
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Bilsing expands aerospace composites capabilities with 3D tape laying equipment

Conbility PrePro 3D system will be used to produce components for aircraft interior galleys, seats and overhead bins.
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Additive Manufacturing

Mighty Buildings raises $40 million in Series B funding

Following significant increase in consumer demand, more than $70 million raised from investor to date accelerates growth, expands production capacity, automation and team.

Plataine AI Manufacturing Optimization Software to generate 5% material savings for Kineco-Kaman

Application of Plataine FabricOptimizer and Total Process Optimization modular suite to enhance automation of kitting and sorting processes, resource savings, quality control.
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Hawthorn Composites awarded structural inlet duct manufacturing contract 

Manufacture of inlet ducts for Kratos unmanned combat aerial vehicle involves an automated dry fiber overbraiding process, VARTM infusion and oven cure.
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Novel dry tape for liquid molded composites

MTorres seeks to enable next-gen aircraft and open new markets for composites with low-cost, high-permeability tapes and versatile, high-speed production lines.
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Carbon Fibers

RAMPF TFP machine designs lightweight, cost-competitive complex composite parts

Eight-head Tailored Fiber Placement machine selectively places and orients composite filaments where strength or weight optimization is required. 
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Victrex, Electroimpact achieve thermoset AFP speeds using thermoplastics

Using Electroimpact’s AFP technology and Victrex’s low-melt PAEK prepreg tape, the companies report laydown speeds of 4,000 inches per minute.
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Spintech opens new composites manufacturing division, Hawthorn Composites

New division specializes in manufacturing complex geometry composite parts using novel dry fiber preforming and resin infusion techniques, extending Spintech composite capabilities.
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Airborne, JETCAM develop digital interface for automated kitting

Integration of Airborne’s automated kitting solution and JETCAM’s CrossTrack software provides seamless data exchange for automated kitting of composite plies. 
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Digital design concepts shape next-generation combat aviation

Design processes that typically take months have been completed in days using BAE Systems' digital twin concept when developing the next-generation Tempest aircraft.
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