Composites Terms

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Off-axis laminate

Laminate whose principal axis is oriented at an angle theta other than 0° or 90° with respect to a reference direction, usually related to the principal load or stress direction.


Denotes a fabrication process in which a single part is produced.

One-part resin system

A resin system (often used in resin transfer molding) in which the neat resin and catalyst are mixed together by the materials supplier as part of the resin production process.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM)

Describes a company that designs and builds products bearing its name; for example, Boeing 777 aircraft or Prince tennis racquets.


Period of time in which a prepreg retains desirable handling characteristics and performance properties outside a specified storage environment (such as a freezer, in the case of thermoset prepregs).


The release of solvents and moisture from composite parts under a vacuum.