Composites Terms

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A petroleum distillate commonly used as a solvent for natural resins and rubber.


Nondestructive evaluation, nondestructive inspection, nondestructive testing. (See nondestructive inspection.)

Near-net shape

Describes a manufactured part or reinforcement preform fabricated to final dimensions that require minimal machining, cutting or other finishing.

Net shape

Fabricated to final dimensions that do not require machining or cutting.


Trademark of DuPont for moderate-performance meta-aramid material that is often used in paper form to make honeycomb core.

Nondestructive inspection (NDI)

Determining material or part characteristics without permanently altering the test object. Nondestructive testing (NDT) and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) are broadly considered synonymous with NDI.

Nonwoven roving

A form of fiber reinforcement composed of continuous fiber strands loosely gathered together.


The generic name, by common usage, for all synthetic polyamides.