Composite materials and simulation-driven engineering deliver innovative architectural designs

November 14

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Gurit is uniquely positioned to address the many parameters at play in the manufacture and analysis of composite structures, supplying materials, process support, engineering and material testing services, with more than 30 years of experience in the field and some of the most iconic AEC realizations to date. Gurit engineers complement their experience and ingenuity with the Altair Hyperworks suite of software to generate simulation driven structural designs throughout more of the design cycle. 

Primary Topics: 
- Overview of Gurit AEC realizations to date 
- Minimizing the cost of an "origami" roof 
- An intricate 3D-printed sculpture inspired by traditional Maori design 

Presenters: Thomas Basset and James Ledingham 
Thomas is the technical leader of Gurit Composite Engineering APAC team, which he joined in 2007 after Graduating with a Master of Science from France's National Institute for Advanced Technology. Thomas enjoys the challenge solving required to conduct projects in the Marine, Renewable, Transport, Industrial, and AEC industries. 

After 8 years engineering composite spars for high performance and luxury yachts at Southern Spars, James Ledingham joined Gurit APAC engineering team, where he now handles most of the FEA projects. Outside of work you’ll find him on his mountain bike or sailing around the harbour.