Next-Generation Laser Projection for Increased Layup Efficiency

December 13

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Laser-assisted layup technologies have been used by composites fabricators for many years, and the result has been increased layup quality, increased consistency and reduced human labor error. Fabricators, however, are looking for more options and flexible solutions for multi-applications to help them increase throughput and quality. Seeing these needs, Virtek has introduced its next generation of laser projection technology. This webinar will help fabricators understand the importance and value of laser projection, and how Virtek’s advancements — the latest High Visibility Laser which provides a brighter, bolder laser line for improved visibility, the new FlashAlign™ feature allows for automatic alignment with the integration of vision technology — the next step in layup efficiency, accuracy and safety. 

Primary Topics: 
• How to gain more efficiencies using laser technology from a trusted market leader 
• How to simplify the manufacturing processes with easy to use software 
• Ways to ensure employee safety with laser safe technology 
• How to gain productivity time by over 50% by eliminating tooling, and physical templates. 
• More about our unique service capabilities – no contracts required 

Presenter: Sean Francoz 
Sean has over 15 years’ experience in product management and new product development. Sean has completed an MBA and holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. He has been with the Virtek Product Management team for over 6 years. Sean’s responsibilities include Product Strategy: Roadmap, Positioning and Marketing for Laser Templating Products & Solutions. Sean’s most recent success was the launch of Virtek’s New Vision Positioning System - a solution which delivers a new level of efficiency for Operators doing composite hand layup and inspection tasks in Aerospace applications.