Solving the Problem of EMI Shielding and Fire Protection in Composite Battery Enclosures Using Nonwovens

June 29, 2021 |

The increasing number of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and the larger, heavier batteries they require has necessitated a move to composite battery enclosures.

The use of composites is required to achieve this larger, protective, and still lightweight structure. This presents a number of challenges versus traditional metal enclosures—the structure must still meet the necessary fire, smoke and toxic fume (FST) requirements while also providing shielding to electromagnetic interference (EMI). TFP's nonwovens provide the solution; in this webinar, Neil and Mike will discuss how the materials can be incorporated directly into the composite structure to provide this required functionality.


  • An introduction to TFP's nonwovens, their application in and advantages for advanced composites
  • The use of nonwovens in battery box construction to meet key FST requirements, provide EMI shielding and enhance surface finish
  • How TFP's nonwovens can be incorporated directly into a composite structure using traditional fabrication methods, reducing need for additional processing
  • The presentation of relevant examples, demonstrating the effective use of advanced nonwovens in composites applications

Presenter 1:

Neil Gray

Business Development Manager

Neil Gray is TFP's business development manager. He has a degree in chemistry and an MBA. Neil has 25 years of experience in the composites industry, in both commercial and technology management. He has held a range of R&D and business development/management roles, with a key focus on FST fume performance systems.

Neil Gray

Presenter 2:

Mike Campbell

Technical Sales Representative

Mike Campbell is TFP's technical sales representative in the United States covering the automotive and consumer electronics market spaces. He has a degree in engineering. Mike was a panelist at "The Battery Show" in 2020 discussing the use of composites in the automotive space. He has collaborated with industry professionals to bring TFP's EMI shielding technology to market.