Composites 101: The materials and processes driving composites fabrication

April 16, 2020

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This webinar will help you raise the bar on your development game by teaching you three things:

  1. the fundamentals of composites,
  2. key composite technologies that can drive growth, and
  3. application examples to spark ideas of how composites can open up opportunities in your business.

Primary Topics:

  • Fundamentals of Composites
  • Key Technologies
  • Application Examples

Elias Shakour, PhD
Technology Leader - Composites, BASF
Dr. Shakour is technology leader for composites technologies at BASF Corporation. He joined BASF in 2014 and started working on developing structural composites for automotive applications in the thermoset applications. During his tenure at BASF, Dr. Shakour, with a team of chemists developed and commercialized the formulation of polyurethane systems for two main processes: pultrusion and spray transfer molding. He was also a key player in the BASF investment to build a prototype spray cell lab in Wyandotte, Michigan to drive development with OEMs and Tier suppliers for a variety of industries.