Advanced Heating Solutions for Composite Processing and Repair

October 28, 2019

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Heating blankets for composite repair and processing have not evolved since their introduction, what has changed is their frequency of use and deployment. Relative to composite processing, the push to mature OoA (Out of Autoclave) and OoO (Out of Oven) technology is relying on new and novel heating materials that can be integrated into the tooling or be applied as a blanket or applique. VeeloHEAT is a carbon-based thin film that can be customized for specific applications. The heating element is a thin film planar sheet that allows for excellent uniformity in standard and custom shaped applications.

Primary Topics:

  • Understand the advantages of non-metallic based heating materials vs metallic based heating materials.
  • Understand how to deploy advanced heating technologies into their application(s) improving heat uniformity or integrating heating materials into complex shapes.
  • Understand the technology behind next generation non-metallic heating technologies.

Larry Christy
Director, Research and DevelopmentLarry Christy is a talented product developer and electrical engineer who first became involved with Veelo Technologies’ materials while completing his Co-Op at the Air Force Research Laboratory. Upon graduating with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Larry joined Veelo Technologies and quickly took on product development leadership responsibilities for Veelo Technologies' Veelo HEAT™ and Veelo SHIELD™ product lines. Larry and his wife are proud parents of two sons and in his spare time Larry is a craft beer connoisseur and brewer. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family.