Additive Manufacturing of Advanced Composite Structures

February 06, 2020

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3D printing of prototypes has evolved into additive manufacturing (AM) of functional structures. We are now at a tipping point in the development of technologies for AM of advanced composite structures. Just as there was an explosion of invention in 3D printing with unreinforced materials, we are now seeing a similar proliferation of technologies that enable AM of high performance composite structures.

This webinar will review existing AM technologies, discuss recent advances in AM with fiber reinforced composite materials, and provide projections for the future.

Primary Topics:

  • Brief history of 3D printing
  • Existing AM technologies for fiber reinforced composites
  • Recent advances in AM with continuous fiber reinforced composites
  • Projections for the future of AM of high performance composite structures

David Hauber
Engineering Manager, TrelleborgMr. Hauber is one of the original inventors of additive manufacturing (AM) and AM of high-performance composite structures, now known as in-situ consolidation (ISC). University research at RPI on automation of composite manufacturing in the early 1980s led to a spinoff called Automated Dynamics, now part of Trelleborg Group. The extension of existing AM technologies to advanced composites led to the development of ISC in the mid-1980s at Automated Dynamics. ISC remains our focus and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Albany, Inc. currently sells ISC workcells and manufactures thousands of advanced thermoplastic composite products every year.