Automatic Inspection, Artificial Intelligence and Laser Projection in Composites Manufacturing

October 03

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Automatic inspection and advanced laser projection are essential “next steps” in composites manufacturing, especially with human operators continuing to play pivotal roles. These capabilities minimize the impact of human limitations (fatigue, distraction) while supplementing and supporting human strengths (visual and tactile senses, freedom of movement). 

This webinar presents a commercially available, large-field projection and inspection technology that already verifies material location, fiber orientation, and FOD absence. Supported by artificial intelligence (AI), these technologies will not only capture “as-built” data, but also leverage it to facilitate quality procedures, process improvements, and “digital thread” traceability. 

Primary Topics: 
• How projection/inspection technologies capture and characterize key fabricated features 
• How AI leverages automatic inspection data to advance composites manufacturing 
• How these technologies achieve part optimization and fully implemented “digital thread” 

Presenter: Scott Blake 
Scott Blake is founder and president of Aligned Vision (formerly Assembly Guidance) of Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA. His company pioneered 3D laser projection to guide hand layup of composite materials. Blake has led the Aligned Vision team as it has uncovered many hidden costs in composite manufacturing and developed solutions that represent numerous industry “firsts”: multitasking lasers, automatic ply verification, AutoAim, AutoFocus, KitGuide, full integration, automated inspection, and the first use of AI in aerospace composites inspection. His Composites Manufacturing Process Control System, forerunner of Aligned Vision’s BUILDGUIDE fabrication management system, garnered him the 2000 National Tibbetts award for SBIR work.